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I clearly remember when my fascination with tikis began.  It was 1971 when my folks were taking my sister and I to Hawaii for vacation and I spotted my first tiki at the United Airlines check-in counter.  They were the coolest things I had ever seen!

Of course that first stop at one of many ABC stores in Honolulu just about put me over the edge!  Rows and rows of CoCo Joes’ Tikis that claimed to be made from LAVA and others from Hapa Wood (AKA black resin and brown resin).  Over a span of ten years or so we took several trips to Hawaii and each time my collection of tikis grew until I came close to having the whole set.

Coco Joe’s God of Money Tiki

Thirty-eight years later my fascination with tikis continues and is responsible for this blog.  The Pacific Tikis blog will include any tiki that I happen to come across but it will focus on those that can be found in and around San Diego.

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Tiki Tea Lights

So I really dropped my blogging duties on this site.  It is funny because during the time I stopped writing about tikis I started teaching myself to carve them.  Initially I began with doing some simple tribal Mahi Mahi fish for the walls in my office and for some friends.

mahi mahi 1DSC_0249Then I did a tribal tuna for a buddy of mine.

Yellow Fin 1Then I did a tribal rooster fish.

Tribal Rooster FishThen instead of continuing down this path of laminating cut wood on top of a solid piece I got the Dremel tool out and did some relief carving to get the look I wanted.  The first one below is a tribal Mahi Mahi.

Carved Mahi MahiThe result of all of these test carving / creations were the following tiki tea lights – which can be purchased – along with the carving above at my etsy site at the following link:  Pacific Tikis.

et1et6Etsytiki4et4Buy Tikis here.


Tiki Beach Cruiser

Over the winter I decided that I needed to modify my beach cruiser.  I had seen bikes here in San Diego that were covered in bamboo for a Gilligan’s Island look that I had always admired.  However, they just weren’t right for me. What I really wanted was a bike that had a Tiki Head on the head tube (between the handle bars and the front wheel).  After an exhausting search on the internet I decided that the only way to get one of these was to make it myself.  The problem was that I had no carving experience much less Tiki carving experience.

I know what features I like in a Tiki so I did some test carvings with my Dremel tool and various bits to see what I could accomplish.  I decided to make the Tiki head from blocks of MDF that I laminated together with Tight Bond wood glue.  After the pieces were solid I went to work on them with the motor tool.  I had a simple Tiki design in mind and as it turns out they are not too difficult to carve out.  After the Tiki was painted and sealed I used bondo to attach it to the front of the bike and then built up the top tube with fiberglass mat, resin and bondo to make the head taper smoothly into the top tube.  I painted the top tube of the bike with the same color that the Tiki got and finished the project up by adding hair which is really twine that has been glued into pre drilled holes and then combed through to give it a hair like appearance.  See the pictures below!

Brought to you by the makers of the original Incense Burning Lucky Money God Tiki

Tiki Posters

We at Pacific Tikis are big fans of new, old and vintage tiki posters.  Because of the artwork on some of these they are right up there with some of my CoCo Joe’s Tiki’s in “cool” as far as I am concerned.  These posters are cheesy, cool and can really add an interesting feel to any room.  Some of our favorites are from local events, parties, concerts, etc.  Check out some of the ones I pulled from a Google search.  Awesome!

Rockabilly Weekend April 2012
Kon Tiki and Velvet Glass – April 2010

Total Tiki Tour June 2010

Carioca Zombie


Los Furios 2004
United Air Lines Tiki PosterUnited Air Lines Tiki Poster

United Air Lines Tiki Poster

Hope enjoyed these.  I think I will expand this post in the future since there is lots of material out there.

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Catamaran Tiki San Diego

The Catamaran Resort in located on Mission Bay in San Diego on the corner of Pacific Beach Drive and Mission Bay Drive.  They have a heavy Hawaiian / Polynesian theme as you can see from the photo below of the front on the Resort.

Inside the lobby of the Catamaran are many Hawaiian pieces of art and what appear to be artifacts.  If you enter through the front of the resort and head off to the right your will see a wall decorated with Hawaiian tribal shields – make a left along that wall and follow it back to a small seating area and you will find the tiki in the photo below.  He is very cool and looks old – hard telling on the age – bottom line though is that he is very cool!

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San Diego Tiki: Pacific Beach Drive Part 2

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of a large palm Tiki on Pacific Beach Drive.  A few days later while I was posting the pictures I realized that I could not recall the cross street.  I looked it up on Google Maps and noticed two more tikis just to the right of the larger one on Google’s satellite view.  The funny thing is that I vaguely remembered seeing them there after I got the clearer street view from Google.

Anyway, the photos of them are below.  What a great entry – palm trees, fantastic wooden door and an eight foot tall smiling tiki – all located a few blocks from the beach!

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Fire Station 21 Tikis In Pacific Beach

These Tikis can be found outside of Fire Station Number 21 in Pacific Beach.  I remember seeing these years ago and I always thought that there were more than the two that are there now – anyone know about this?

Anyway, this first photo is of the tiki right outside the main engine doors of Fire Station 21.

The photos below are of the tiki located on the east side of Fire Station 21 right along Mission Beach Drive.

Brought to you by the makers of the original Incense Burning Lucky Money God Tiki

Brady Bunch Tiki

OK, I know this tiki was trouble for the entire Brady family but I still needed to have one.  As far as I can see from stills taken from the original tiki that appeared in the Brady Bunch (episode 73, 4th year), this rendition is spot on.  Rumor has it that Barry Williams (who played Greg) is in possession of the original and it makes me wonder if someone didn’t slip away with it for a day and make a mold of it.  Anyway, I was really exited when I came across this item a few years ago and to this day it does not disappoint.  In fact, I would be lying if I didn’t fess up to the fact that when I pop my own copy of the Brady Bunch go to Hawaii into the DVD that I set my tiki on the table in front of me (perhaps I need help?).  Below is a picture of my Brady Bunch Tiki and just below that picture is a link that leads to a site where you can purchase your own.

Brought to you by the makers of the original Incense Burning Lucky Money God Tiki

San Diego Tiki: Pacific Beach Drive

This tiki can be found on Pacific Beach Drive near the intersection with Riviera.  It looks as though it was carved out of a palm tree and it has weathered nicely.  When I Googled this area later to get the cross street I noticed several smaller ones just to the right of the one in the photos below.  Next weekend I will get some pictures of those.

Brought to you by the makers of the original Incense Burning Lucky Money God Tiki