Lucky Money Tiki God

I clearly remember when my fascination with tikis began.  It was 1971 when my folks were taking my sister and I to Hawaii for vacation and I spotted my first tiki at the United Airlines check-in counter.  They were the coolest things I had ever seen!

Of course that first stop at one of many ABC stores in Honolulu just about put me over the edge!  Rows and rows of CoCo Joes’ Tikis that claimed to be made from LAVA and others from Hapa Wood (AKA black resin and brown resin).  Over a span of ten years or so we took several trips to Hawaii and each time my collection of tikis grew until I came close to having the whole set.

Coco Joe’s God of Money Tiki

Thirty-eight years later my fascination with tikis continues and is responsible for this blog.  The Pacific Tikis blog will include any tiki that I happen to come across but it will focus on those that can be found in and around San Diego.

Brought to you by the makers of the original Incense Burning Lucky Money God Tiki

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